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orange rubies below the wood [Tuesday
2nd December 2008]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so i am officially moved out of poughkeepsie. in two weeks ill close the dutchess chapter.

i am a sap for sappy love stories..the notebook anyone? i am drinking white wine and waiting for alyssa to finish washing her face so i can get ready for bed. we are rooming together because someone who works with my dad is renting her room. she hogs my bed and her pillow is much softer than mine. funny.

i am waiting for this fire to die a bit before i go up stairs. its a nice fire and i hate missing a good one go.

christmas is soon. i love finding the perfects gifts for others. however, i did crack when i found this amazing coat for $40.

the fire looks more tame and im beat. this commuting stuff always gets me so tired.


terrible sting...terrible storm.

lost piano notes [Saturday
10th February 2007]
[ mood | calm ]

I havent posted in a while and a lot has happened since then. But looking back now, I wish I had been writing in this for all of it..even if it was just for myself to see. So Im going to write in here more. I feel like it helps to look back on certian things..track where im heading and such.

I've been spending way too much time on Myspace. Its terrible. Well, actually it was terrible then I just wouldnt go near the computer for a while. Same with IMing..I just stoped going on for a while. It was taking up too much of my time and I felt I was becoming more stagnat than I wanted to be.

I'll have to explain whats currently going on in my next post. I have to leave for Johnny's house now because I want to be on time. Something I wanted to work on this year. Actually, I just want to be early for things.. that sort of solves the whole Frakeness lateness ;)

I turn 19 in 6 days..one more year as a teen.

terrible sting...terrible storm.

Green Tea Steam [Thursday
23rd March 2006]
[ mood | busy ]

everyone should come to my high school's cover band tonight, friday, or saturday at 7:00!! cause im in it!! and this years show has a lot of talented musicians and singers so everyone should come out and enjoy the show:)

it feels odd to be writing in this again. a lot has been going on since my last update but again, i am wayy too busy to sit down and write it out. updates will have to wait..

next week things are going to slow down..THANK GOD!

terrible sting...terrible storm.

The sea swells like a sore head [Wednesday
15th February 2006]
[ mood | groggy ]

I turn 18 tomorrow.
I hardly feel it.
I cried like a baby last night.
My mom just held me like she did when I was 4.
But I've been holding a lot in
and I've needed to get a lot out for some time now.

I just have to learn to be happy with my future. I have a lot to look forward to..so why not be excited about it?

happy birthday me.. you dont look a day over 17.

terrible sting...terrible storm.

a missing letter of the alphabet [Friday
13th January 2006]
[ mood | ... ]

What a bleh mood im in. Today, expecially, is just bleh. The weather shouldnt influence my mood but it does.. it always does. It looks like spring with no snow but its still so cold and foggy out.. im just in a rut with things. People, expecially..

terrible sting...terrible storm.

the atmosphere is only 18 miles high..i think. [Thursday
5th January 2006]
[ mood | good ]

so california was fun...when things calmed down of course;)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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terrible sting...terrible storm.

and then all this came tumbling down [Tuesday
8th November 2005]
heres some pictures caaause im too tired to write anything of substance.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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terrible sting...terrible storm.

the seagulls were by far the best part [Sunday
6th November 2005]
[ mood | good ]

i never knew how many stars fell from the sky in one night, but there is a lot of them.

saturday night felt like something out of a book... it was really nice.

today i finished treasure island.. what a fun story! robert louis stevenson was a great writer as well as a poet. i can really relate to his work.

there is thunder and lightning out right now..fun!

i should get to bed. i am exhausted. goodnight ♥

terrible sting...terrible storm.

lets look @ lighthouses [Wednesday
2nd November 2005]
[ mood | anxious ]

Its been kind of warm out lately. I remember like two years ago there was this one weekend in November which was so warm out that me and some friends went to the beach for a picnic. I mean it wasn't summer out, but it was warm enough to feel comfortable even if the breeze was on you.

I saw two cars run into each other today. I was on my way to Jacob Burns this morning and the 684 got pretty crazy. Then two cars both crossed the same lane on opposing sides but then ended up running into each other's sides. The whole scene was really odd looking.

oo oo! We got that new jeep! Well not new, but new to us. Its a real nice champagne/gold with tan interior. I cant wait to drive it. My mom takes it too work so Im allowed to drive it when she gets home and such ♥

I have a show this Friday @8 at that coffee shop across from the Paramount in Peekskill. Im playing some of the songs I first wrote which will be kind of refreshing. I haven't played them at any shows yet..so well see how that goes.

Im so happy its the Holiday Season! I love the end of the year!

It feels really late even though its only 8:30. Well, I'm off to bed anyways..Goodnight ♥

terrible sting...terrible storm.

the weight isn't off just yet [Sunday
30th October 2005]
[ mood | nervous ]

its sent! now. audition..

terrible sting...terrible storm.

i fancy fall [Wednesday
26th October 2005]
[ mood | good ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this was my drive home from jacob burns.

terrible sting...terrible storm.

what the fuck was i thinking? [Monday
24th October 2005]
[ mood | lonely ]

Things are okay I suppose. Im finishing up my berklee app so that exciting. I have to find a saftey school (against my will) so ive got a few in mind I guess. All I can do is hope for the best. If its not meant to be..ill try applying again in spring ;)or untill I get in.. Why waste money at a college I don't want to go to? But I dont think this stubborn thinking of mine will do me any good..I just know, I need to be in Boston for whatever reason.

My volunteer projects for school are real nice. I ended up at Jacob Burns and The Paramount Center for the Arts. At Jacob Burns I'm alphabetizing all of the movies they had in storage. Its only about 300 or 400 videos and I'm at "T" as of right now. I'm going to sign out The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys tomorrow which will be nice to watch. I watched a couple summers ago. Good movie. I like those coming of age movies. Its like my comfort theme..like Chai Tea is my comfort drink and so is apple cider:) I went to the city with my sister and my mom on Friday to see Ellis Paul play @ Joe's Pub and a few bands from Berklee play @ the Lion's Den. It was such a great night!! So many great bands played. Some much Berklee vibes. Gosh, I want to get in..its seems that everything that is associated with Berklee is great. Even my freaking sweatpants I bought at the Berklee shop during this past summer are the best sweatpants I've ever owned! Naturally;)...Its assocaited with Berklee.

Alright..well what ElsE is going on in my life?

Boys are weird. Thats it. Read more...Collapse )

terrible sting...terrible storm.

i get carried away sometimes [Tuesday
11th October 2005]
[ mood | erg ]

things are finally winding down..

or are they just starting to stur up?

terrible sting...terrible storm.

i've got one knot [Sunday
18th September 2005]
[ mood | good ]

Things are pretty good I suppose.

Just came back from a youth meeting. Herm..our church has gone though quite a few youth leaders but we got new ones! (Katrina Bauerline and her husband) so with that said..it was really fun. theyre just really cool people and make this bible stuff easier to cope with and understand. im actually excited for the next one..

School is okay. Kind of stagnent.. Im just waiting for interning and "actual" classes to start. Though! Were going on a backpacking trip this Tuesday. So ill be gone all week with only the things I can carry on my back to survive. Cool.

Then today I went to the Native American Festival with my Dad and I got me some moccasins! What a great investment for putzing around the camp site after a long day of hiking. PF AMAZING! I also got a necklace with sones and beads :)

The dancers today were so neat! Expecially the men that looked like turkeys doing that crow dance? Wow. I watched this one guy and he really got into it. It looked so liberating! haha. I wanted to dance so bad.

Im almost finished with Nine Stories by Salinger..pretty sure it will be completed tonight, so thats exciting. Overall: good book/storys.

I should get to bed..so goodnight ♥

terrible sting...terrible storm.

its just one of those things [Friday
2nd September 2005]
[ mood | great ]

this is going to be a great year.

i can feel it.

terrible sting...terrible storm.

your pack of cigs look like my deck of cards. [Tuesday
31st May 2005]
[ mood | cheerful ]

mm..all is well:)

♥ crushing is fun.

relay forlife this weekend. were not staying the whole night cause i have to go to a family party the next day. Also, the illusion set (which is @8 is anyone wants to see it hehe) i have to play loves rough, so jim's playing the electric guitar to it:) that should be fun.

today was reallyyy nice out!! me and monica walked the track during gym today. i got a little color..woo. by the end of this summer, i will be so tan. ha!

i suppose thats it for now. 10 days left of this madness---> then SUMMER!

night ♥

terrible sting...terrible storm.

spice to excite [Sunday
30th January 2005]
[ mood | relieved ]

what an amazing rush performing is. really.

my mom taped me and such..gah. i was watching a little bit haha gosh was i flustered. i forgot my kapo*(sp?) and everything.. but franky to the rescue, with the assistance of mattio *who is this ammmazing drummer ive heard about somewhere, let me use his. thankss guys. also!! thankss monica for helping me with everything!! it really meant a lot. and thankssss to the people who went to the show to support the bands and the cause!!!

i hope everyone had a splendid night.

night fokes ♥

terrible sting...terrible storm.

and God said...LET THERE BE SHOW. [Wednesday
26th January 2005]
[ mood | excited ]

everyone! go to the tsunamis relief show at the First Presbyterian Church in yorktown.

its for a good cause!


im going to sing my little ♥ out ;)

i will be playing w/format and hold (http://www.purevolume.com/formatandhold) and buddy love.

its $8 and starts @ 7:30.

get excited! cause i so am...eep!

terrible sting...terrible storm.

9th September 2004]
Friends Only.

if your not a shady character...
comment and ill add you :)

terrible sting...terrible storm.

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